Benjamin CD McManus 

Benjamin is an actor whom has been an actor for the past decade (2010). He has appeared in such series as Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. He has also dabbled in commercials such as Toyota Highlander Commercials (Australian accent) and Ancestry. He started his career at a later age than most (29). He was living in Lafayette, Indiana most of his life and had his first job at a movie theatre at the age of 16. This is where the world changed for him and he binge watch ALL kinds of movies (new and old). At the age of 19 he got accepted to the acting school, John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center. This school was a 2 hour drive (one way) 3 days a week for a 2 hour class. He spent a small fortune on toll booths. All of this while working a full time job at the local (Lafayette Indiana) factory doing ABS break lines on semi trailers. The passion (being an actor) began to build for a time and he drifted his thoughts to other things over the years (military service, career path at a Vehicle Processing facility, relationships etc..). It wasn’t until he was well into his ”career” at age 29 he decided to go all in. He cashed in his 401K bought a truck and rented a trailer and traveled 2000 miles to Tucson Arizona where he attended acting classes with Western Actor Austin Buchanan (located out of Tucson Arizona) for several months. He had move to Tucson to further his knowledge without having to break the bank in a city like LA. He knew that LA was where 99% of actors/actresses go to launch their dream of being in the industry. Once settling down and find a photographer (Austin Buchanan) he had recently met, he decided to get new headshots and a part time job (to make ends meat without using his 401K funds) and learn the area. He continued to train himself and submit and audition all over the SouthWest and West Coast. His father back home began to have heart issues approximately 2 years after Benjamin left Lafayette (Tucson bound). Benjamin (obviously following a passion and has gone all in) decided to move back to Lafayette Indiana and continue his career out of Chicago IL where he is currently located.

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