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Why I WAnted to become a musician

So I was 10 in the @valleychildrenshospitol

in Fresno,Ca around the year was 1998,

I was in the hospital for chest surgery to remove extra cartilage from being born with a very uneven chest,

During the surgery I was given penicillin and morphine, I was intended to only be out for 1

Day, and well that was not what happened ,

The doctors didn't know I was allergic to any cilian and the allergic reaction along with my low tolerance for morphine made me go into a mini-coma and my heart stopped during the surgery,

Not sure exactly how long but my mom says for at least 30 seconds, I recall waking up during the surgery, or so I thought, but maybe I was astro projecting out of body, not sure to be honest, but anyways after waking up 5 days later and being sore as anyone could be, my mom tells me that there are some rappers from the movie Me,Myself and Irene and that if I wanted we could go and talk to them, at the time I was a country boy, raised by my dad who loved country and had little knowledge of rap previous to this except for The Fresh Prince and MTV here and there,

I went and met Big Tymer and Herxulez and they where passing out shirts and signing they're CD's. They gave me a shirt, which was 5 times too big of course but I wore that thing everyday and played that CD til it had grooves it it from they lasers haha, I can still hear the chorus in my head This is what inspired me to become a rapper and want to do music, the way they made me smile that day and all they did was be cool and give me they're time, but because they where musically inclined it led me to meet them and I'm not sure where I would be in life if it wasn't for that day in that hospital smiling from ear to ear seeing myself on stage and bring smiles to others.

Wonder if they remember this day.

#BigTymerAndHerxulez #Memory #WhyIBecameARapper #inspiration

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