How To Get Your Music Heard-For Artists Just Starting

So you have decided to become a musician/rapper/dj/singer..... whatever it is, and are trying to find out how to get your music heard and out there to people that will engage with it and not just play it once and forget about it the next minute. How do you do that?

Well there is no simple answer but i can tell you some things i have tried in the past that haven't worked for me as a rapper and it has been quite a process to learn the what to's and not to's in this industry, and dont get me wrong, Im no magical,mystical guru and have millions of plays, but i do have a couple singles with 10,000+ plays and growing, but its took me many trials and errors to get to this point, and oh how it has been the interesting journey and if had someone come and tell me these things initially when i started i can only imagine how far i would be now.

Step One,

Record Quality music, and put on soundcloud/youtube and leave instagram and facebook for your daily engagements, unless you stream live on YouTube, than thats a different avenue you can approach,

but leaving instagram and your facebook page for daily posts and soundcloud and youtube for your quality music will give your fans a organize way of finding your content and they will engage more.

also get a RepostExchange account and start engaging with other artists/get your music engaged with

Step Two-

Network with other artists already connects engaged in social media(in the music scene) Now this can seem like quite the big task and huge step, but this really should be step one, finding other artists that are already knowledgeable about the ins and outs and what to do and not to do will greatly help advance you in a position to get a running start, dont feel discouraged or like your not good enough because any true artist that has struggled to get where they are know how it is and what it takes to get to the point to where they are, so they more than will be likely to help ya and give ya pointers on how to do better in your music, and if they arent willing to and dont respond, try another person, and another, ya can never have enough fellow musicians in your corners and the more you got the more you will learn on different approaches and what has worked and not worked for them.

Step Three-

Get shows-start small, get your confidence up, build your fan base and talk to promoters/other artists at shows to network your music. get your name out there, and to get shows is as easy as joining music groups in the city your are in or near that is big and start messaging promoters/other artists that have shows and ask em if ya can get a spot on the show, and most will sk you for a link to your music, which ya shoot em your soundcloud/youtube or whatever it is you are on and they will put ya on more than likely.

Now there are two types of shows youll find when your starting as a underground musician and these are......

Pay to play- you pay 20-100$ for a spot to perform for 1-3 songs and gets tickets to sell, if ya sell the tickets you get, you pay for your spot and get a % of the money for the show

Free shows for the promoter who is usually a musician also, the promoter makes all money at the show and you get to perform

Now there are good and bad things to both of these types of shows but as an underground artist/musician starting off your gonna have to do and deal with some things ya normally wouldn't to get yourself out there and if ya have the drive and want to become something you'll do whatever it is ya gotta do to get your self out there.

If ya would like more info or would like to network/collaborate.

get at me in my email or hit me up on any of the social media links on my website

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