Strange Things Changing In Our Reality

There are many things that are being noticed changed or altered in our reality that where not the way the are now. These things vary and range from book titles all the way to famous lines from well known movies. It goes all the way to the extreme in some cases where people have relatives or siblings that appear in their lives that where never there before, or the opposite, they where there and then they arent anymore, either the individual is dead, has dies or something happened to where when they are supposed to be alive and the person swears up and down that isn't the case, but everyone else in the family or around them have no idea what they are talking about. A mis-remembrance of an event or time is also a normal/usual occurrence when dealing with this effect. It has came to be known as the Mandela Effect because the theory started when people started stating that they could of swore that Nelson Mandela died back in the 1980's and not in 2013

.Now this causes a bit of confusion or a usual reaction I dont remember it that way, so the usual reaction that people have is they dismiss this notion or idea not realizing that the "Mandela Effect" goes into alot more things.

Now you may not see any of these things as changed or altered and this can be the case, and that doesnt mean that the "effect" doesnt effect you or that it is "debunked". That just mean that"for lack of a better term" you arent on the same "timeline". and I say this and it will be explained as we go.

click video to here my day after researching video of the Mandela effect

What causes the Mandela Effect(consciousness/reality Effect) to happen?

-No one defiantly knows. But what our theory that due to the creation of quantum computers and with what the yare doing at C.E.R.N. and H.A.R.R.P. and all the studies of the Egyptian Pyramids and ancient artifacts that have recently been found around the world, We believe that either 1.) they have figured out how to manipulate our timeline/reality as we know it. or.....

2.)with the creation of the Quantum Computers they unknowingly are causing these changes and things are changing that even they haven't noticed, or have but cant do anything about.

Examples of "Mandela Effect" Changes

Line from Star Wars movie "Luke, I am your father" is changed to "No, I am your father"

C-3PO had a silver leg in the Star Wars movies

line from Feild of Dreams "Build it they will come" is changed to "build it he will come"

line form Forest Gump movie "life is like a box of chocolates" is

 changed to "life was like a box of chocolates"

Home Depot is change to The Home Depot

Looney Toonz is changed to Looney Tunes

There are also changes such as the VW symbol having a line in between the V and the W now and it never did before.

Sara Lee slogan has changed

Bernstein Bears had been changed to Bernstain Bears

There are physical things also changing like......

stop lights where the green light used to be on the top and now its on the bottom

and so on and so on..........

Now what does this mean if anything at all?

Does this really matter or is it grounds for concern?

I believe it really is due to the nature of what is happening, now dont get me wrong I am not a scientist or a physicist nor do I have a college degree, but I am a man of study and research and pride myself on finding things fascinating with our world as we know it and what we dont know, am from what I can gather is that they are doing something very serious and weather its harmful or not should not be the question, the question should be why are we even allowing them to attempt to mess with anything that has to do with our reality as we know it or quantum mechanics as we cant even begin to understand the un-quantifiable knowledge that comes with the territory 

Do your research, find your own things. Be sure to take breaks and talk to people about it. Dont let this consume your life and take it in strides as this can be mind boggling and mess with your head if you let it.

Record your findings and share them.

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