Tucson Protest Turn Violent By Police

On friday May 30th 2020 I went downtown to see if i could join the protests for the BLM/George floyd event. I ended up downtown around 530pm to find downtown closed off it seemed, the bus station downtown was closed off with police tape and no buses where to be seen.I walked around to see if I could find a crowd and wasnt finding any evidence of anyone. I started notice alot of Police patrolling and circling the area taking note of me and keeping an eye on me which I paid no attention to, because I was doing no hard. I noticed all the windows of alot of stores downtown where knocked out and people barricading em with boards.I also noticed a bus full of police men that was staged with a squad car downtown waiting for something to happen i would think. later on I found out the bus was used to mobilze the police to areas where the protest was to keep it contained.I caught up with the protesting crowd around 630 as they come into the downtown area from 4th avenue and asked where they had came from, a couple of 15-16year old kids had told me they came from the university and had been marching for about an hour already.The crowd was a large variety of people from blacks,Hispanic,natives, every race and where chanting and marching together in unity, We marched around downtown on a circle until the front of the protest started heading t words the police station,



we then proceeded to The U of A and there was a on the spot circle created.It was improvised but one of the most powerful moments during the protest I feel and it allowed alot of the black members of our community speak and voice their experiences and allow the world to hear them and to see that this is not just one event, its not just the deaths that get blown out of proportion and used to sway the public but its also happening to everyday people in the low income areas and never gets attention because there is no voice to be heard about it unless it gets the medias attention.



































We Then proceeded to the police station from the Univerity

The police had already set up a perimeter around the station and where no allowing the crowd to go any further than the street.We then started back down headed down twords 4th ave and marched around that area for about an hour and then tried to proceed back downtown,























This is where Police had then blocked access to downtown off and wouldnt let the protest go past any of the tunnels that led into downtown from the north. The protesters back off and then tried the 6th ave. tunnel and the same thing happened, we where detered from heading downtown and this was about 7-730pm, not at any of these engagements was there violence or looting, There where people seen trying to start looking/violence but then also people stopping them and telling them this is not what its about. After coming back out the 6th ave. tunnel they had blocked off the street that head downtown from the railroad tracks and had the backs of the police to the train,Its was at this time that the Police started shooting at us with paint balls/rubber bullets to back up, they gave us no prior warning or reasoning, they just starting shooting at our feet, I got hit in the leg twice, and another protester next to me named Logan got shot repeatedly/ multiple times, i counted 10. He was no advancing, he was not being aggressive, he was recording and documenting like me. The cs gas/tear gas filled my lungs and it because hard to breath and i started crying out of every pore in my head. while this is happening I noticed a couple of the police had AR-15s(riffles) and I couldnt help but to think that there was no purpose at that time.After they backed us up and shot more paintballs at us the crown mostly dispersed and there was a crown of 50-100 left and the scene was basically dead by then, a couple(20) protesters where yelling at a line of cops holding us from going downtown and two agitators in the crowd where seen trying to incite fights, now I am not sure who these two guys where as I did not know them, but other people at the protest the night before said they where seen trying to incite fights the night before also. luckily a couple of us got them pulled away from the crowd and told them to be quiet.all in all i feel the protest went well, Being shot at for no probable cause was a bit frustrating and kinda of incited me to be more angry than I was in the first place to go, but no one was rioting/looting and everyone was peaceful

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