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This is not about one event, in one state,

this is about the countless deaths and events around the world by people of positions of power and the corrupt system that allows it to exist and cover it up  

This is about Sandra Bland, Levoy Finicum,Teyvon Martin,Micheal Brown,John Lang and countless others

This is not a solo race issue though, This is a everyone battle, this is not about you, or me, it is about US!


but with that being said, it is important that we do this right and take in account that every race has had wrong doing to them and abuse by the police, or a judge pre-judge the case before the victim is given a chance, Or many other type situations that involve the victim being treated less than human.

It is important that we do this right and not have it repeat or just get passed down the road, We owe it to ourselves and our future kids!

a little about myself and why I created this page.

I am an White U.S. Army Veteran and grew up in the city of Fresno,CA and have seen how racism can effect a society to where it reverses and gets flipped onto you, and a white kid I fell in love with Hip-hop and aspired to become a rapper but was told countless times that becasue I wasnt black, that i had no clue what rap music was and that I needed to stop by my peers and my own father, but this never deterred me and I kept trying and got better and better. I gave up music til 4 years ago when i got divorced and I felt like nothing meant more to me in this life than music and the escape it can give you to deal with the pain rather than running away and I havent looked back,

the reason why I mention this is ever since I have started here in Tucson I have been received with nothing but love and admiration by my fellow musicians here being what ever race they are, and it has been the same feeling at the protests, we have a great place here in Tucson Arizona and it is our duty to make it better. 

Now heres the delima(present issues causing problems) I feel and if its not adressed soon it could blow this whole movement out of the water, and being a white person that has black family memebrs and has been out at the protests and getting shot at with paintballs with teargas I find it very difficult to put my full heart into this when I hear ( your not black, shut up) come out. Now this hasnt been the case every where or even in the majority of cases, but it is an issue I keep seeing come up and its causing separation/division to start. Now I am not sure how this can be solved or even what we can do about it, but my two cents as a white person that has had foul things happen to me by the police and govt. I feel my insights/input would a great asset to the movement but I also know there is a time and place for said things to be brought up and all I ask is that the black people of the world remember why this is happening and if the same actions are done upon others, the same results with occur, dont forget the ones fighting along side you.

Anyways I hope you like and enjoy this site and support the movement and will join us in the fight to make this world a better place!

Events Held thus far In Tucson


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