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Its Just Nevada is a website designed to organize the content I create as a musician and as a gamer but also with many other things I do in life. We all have hobbies we love to do and I am no different when it comes to this aspect. I tend to dive into alot of different things from Music production/creation to Promoting and helping other artists grow.

I have also dedicated a portion of this site to the We the people movement and We would love your support as it for all of us.

Musician Bio

Kaotic One

Nevada Conell a.k.a. Kaotic One is a multi-talented musician/gamer/graphic designer and more out of Tucson,Az originally from and raised in the urban streets of Fresno,Ca.
Nevada has been a part of many different scenes and genres in music. He started and gained his love for music as a kid. Music was the only thing that helped him survive through the harsh times he endured as a kid being poor, living in low class apts/trailer houses moving from city to city until he moved to Fresno,Ca in middle school. This is where nevada starting picking up the knack of making songs he heard in the radio his own.

Listening to artists such as Method man,Eminem, Linkin Park,Limp Bizkit and anything and everything Kaotic started getting a feel for music when his best friend introduced him to the electric guitar. after that it was off to the races so to speak with music in general,not just rap. Music itself became the drive/motivation for him to be able to persevere through anything.
Nevada started off as a freestylist in h.s. and would hangout with and rap with all the artists at lunch and kick back rhymes with artists known today as Halo The Human,Anilyst, and lead singer of Cloudship, Brandon Freeman and many others. The atmosphere was rough at times due to Nevada being a white rapper and the other people at school and in the school would bully and get on him about rapping and saying that he wanted to be black, and he should stop rapping because he will never be good because he was not black,...i know astonishing isnt it? But Also the lack of support from his family due to his father being against him rapping to try to keep him off the streets and safe at home but also because he didn't like the rap scene, it made him uncomfortable and this made things very hard and discouraging but he still pushed through and worked on his lyrics by writing and freestyling at school everyday til he point everyone knew him.
His Mother at the age of 12 had to leave due to the abusive relationship between her and his dad on the other hand saw the talent and drive he had and always pushed him to be better and to give anything a try and if he didnt succeed to try again. “Youll never known unless you try”
is what she always said to him every time he doubted himself.

So nevada started recording himself and learning how to mix down/master his own tracks, he learned the ins and outs if the industry meeting artists know and in the underground rap scene. 

Kaotic One comes to you with original and unique music from the heart inspired to work the part of the mind that is usually forgotten to be used along with that heart. So be sure to take a gander at his songs and videos and be sure to let him know what you think. Dont be shy or afraid to speak your mind because he wont be :)

Much love and as always. Let the music set you free.

Music can be found on the links on this site and streaming on all platforms,

also getting into making instrumentals again and He creates guitar loops for producers and beat makers out there,

He also loves to game and can be found streaming live on twitch and youtube or facebook

Find my music and more here

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